HEX REDUCER INSERTS for LP Type Torque Wrenches

Hex Reducer or Inserts can be used to step down A/F sizes in Cassette Links. These are used for low clearance type Hydraulic torque Wrenches. Basically these Hex Reducers are used to extend the hex range of low profile links. TULEX manufactures these Hex Reducers to suit any make hydraulic Torque Wrench Link. We also manufacture hex reducers with magnet and Circlip locking groove arrangement or with locking rings. Outer Hex and Inner Hex along with the hex length has to be provided by the customer.

Stack Socket

Stack socket is an ideal solution if you want to use your low profile hydraulic torque wrench on a socket application. These sockets are designed for Impact applications and are recommended for use with straight Type Slugging wrench as well as Hydraulic Torque Wrench.

Back Up Wrench

Made of high strength, heat treated material. When torquing or loosening nuts, the thin profile of the MBW Backup Wrench prevents the nut on the opposite side of the stud from turning. No hydraulic, just mechanical and HANDS FREE OPERATION, eliminating injuries on hands and fingers. Eliminate sparks cause from the use of slugging/striker wrenches. Reduces the time of operation and improves productivity

Special Square Drive Adaptors for use with Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

1) Special Male Hex to Male Square adaptor
2) Male Hex to Male Hex adaptors
3) Magnetic Top Hat Adaptor Female Square x Male Square with Collar that can be used with Hydraulic Torque Wrenches are also manufactured by us.
4) Male Hex Drive Spline Drive Adaptors.


We manufacture a wide range of reaction arms, depending on the type of wrench and application. Reaction arms will be manufactured as per the drawings and Samples given by customer.


We also manufacture special Nut Rotating sockets for Bolt Tensioner applications as per customer drawings and specifications.